Super Precision Optic Mount

Geissele Automatics - Super Precision - Scope Mounts

A U.S. Department Of Defence customer asked Geissele to make them an ultra high quality, bomb proof scope mounting system that met their mission critical return to zero requirements. Machined from a single 4.5 pound block of aircraft grade 7075 -T6 billet aluminum, the Super Precision Scope Mount is milled down to an ultra light 7.2 ounces (depending on scope mount model). Each Geissele Super Precision Scope Mount will feature four precision machined shear lugs so that the optic stays in place during recoil and bolt carrier counter recoil. The individually serialized scope caps are line bored with the body and created in a single operation, creating the best possible fit to the body of the optic so that the scope caps can be tightened without fear of crushing the body of the optic. The Geissele mounts are locked in place utilizing the classic, battle proven nut and clamp system which provides 1,400 pounds of clamping force per nut. This system provides up to 3 times more clamping force than any lever system.