Stag Arms

Stag Arms AR-15

"World Wide Leader In AR-15 and M16 Manufacturing".  

Why choose Stag Arms for your AR15?

  • Stag Arms and Continental Machine Tool represent over 30 years of M16 and AR-15 OEM manufacturing experience. 
  • Stag Arms manufactures 100% of its major components in their modern New Britain, CT, USA factory. 
  • As the manufacturer, Stag offers Total Quality Control over all stages of manufacture and assembly. 
  • For left handed shooters, the STAG-15L is the worlds first and only true left hand AR-15 type rifle.
  • AEI, a licensed CDN Firearms Manufacturer, back every Stag Arms carbine and rifle with full domestic service and support. 
  • Complete rifles include lifetime warranty.  
  • We provide a full range of rifle accessories and modifications beyond the scope of this website.  We encourage shooters to inquire with any special requirements or requests.
  • Law Enforcement, OEM Quality Carbines and Rifles.  Manufacturer Direct Value = More Units For Your Budget. Demo Units available.  Please inquire via official email.


A2 Flash Hider
Product ID : A2 Flash Hider
Buffer - H2 - Extra Heavy
Product ID : BufferH2
Product is out of stock
Buffer - Heavy
Product ID : Buffer-H
Product is out of stock
Model 3H 11.5" QPQ
Product ID : ST-3H-11.5-1/7-QPQ
Nickel Boron Coated Bolt Carrier Assembly - Left Handed - 5.56
Product ID : st_nb_bgc_lh
Product is out of stock
Stag 15 3Gun Elite
Product ID : ST-15-3GE-18-1/8
Stag 15 M4
Product ID : ST-15-M4-16-1/7
Stag 15 PCF M-LOK SL SBR Upper
Product ID : ST-15-PCF-SL-SBR-UP
Stag 15 PCF M-LOK SL Upper Half
Product ID : ST-15-PCF-SL-UH
Stag 15 SL SBR Upper
Product ID : ST-15-SL-SBRH-14.5-1/7
Stag 15L SL SBR Upper
Product ID : ST-15L-SL-SBRH-14.5-1/7
Stag 9 VRS
Product ID : ST-9-VRS-16-1/10
Stag Arms Charging Handle
Product ID : StagChargingHandle
Product is out of stock
Stag Furniture Free Rifle | Left Handed
Product ID : ST-FF-LH
STAG-15 Field Repair Kit
Product ID : STAG-15 Field Repair Kit
Stag Arms M16 Bolt Carrier Group - Complete
Product is out of stock
STAG-15 AR-15 Lower Receiver
Product ID : ST-LWR-STR
Product is out of stock
Stag Arms Action Spring - Carbine
Product ID : Stag-ActionSpring-Carbine