There are some important notes we would like you to be aware of before shopping on our webstore.

1:  No charges are automatically made to your credit card on check out.  All purchases are manually verified and charged off-line by our staff prior to shipping your goods.

2:  We charge tax according to the Province you are registered in.  If you are not signed in and add items to your cart, the tax cost shown may not be accurate.  When you sign in, the system will adjust taxes for your Province on file.  We collect HST for "HST Provinces", as per the Provincial HST rate.  We collect 5% GST only for Provinces with GST/PST systems.

3:  Because the on-line shipping shipping calculator from Canada Post is not always reliable, often displaying higher prices than we actually charge, or showing prices as Expedited service when we are shipping Xpresspost for the same price, or even displaying a message that 'we cannot ship to your location', we have turned off the Canada Post shipping calculator.  What we do is contact you with your shipping quote prior to charging you and shipping your purchase.  We want our customers to know that WE ONLY CHARGE WHAT CANADA POST CHARGES OR LESS and we combine items in the most economical way for our customers.  We do not ship small items in giant boxes, etc.  We don't add shipping into the retail price and then claim 'free shipping', etc.  We do include insurance.  We think you will find our prices are quite reasonable and when all is said and done, equal or even less than companies who offer 'flat shipping' then charge extra for insurance and signature.   

We can ship Expedited (Guaranteed 5 days to Eastern/Central Canada, 8 Days to the West Coast of Canada) or Xpresspost, 2-3 Days anywhere in Canada.  By Canada Post regulations, we cannot ship firearms by Xpresspost.  For an idea of what you can expect, we generally ship whatever we can in Canada Post Xpresspost mailers, these go across the country in 2-3 days.  For most packages we require a signature on delivery.  This costs $18 for most parts and combinations of small parts.  If you do not want Xpresspost, Expedited is generally about $12 minimum.  Unless otherwise asked, we quote Xpresspost, as our customer generally seem to want their items quickly!

4:  90% of purchases made during business hours ship on the day of purchase.  If the item does not require a transfer with your CFO, you can expect to see your package in 2-3 days from time of purchase.  Firearms take 4-5 days to Central Canada, 7-8 days to the West Coast, guaranteed.

5:  For non-restricted firearms purchase, we follow the law in satisfying ourselves that your PAL is active and that we are shipping to the PAL holder.  We do not keep a 'ledger' for any governmental agency, we do not keep copies of your PAL, etc.  In short, we respect your privacy and follow the current regulations to the letter of the law and nothing more.  We are a law-abiding company and we will work with Canadian law enforcement as required by court order to combat criminal firearm activity.  We will not tolerate criminal discussion or activity in relation to our business.

If you have any questions on the above, or any other questions regarding doing business with Arms East, we encourage you to write us at info @ or call us at 709-579-0007.

Thank-you for your attention, we look forward to doing business with you!