Left Hand Rifles

Left Hand Rifles

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

The Stag 15L is the worlds first and only true left hand AR-15 rifle.

Comfort and Safety for left hand or left eye dominant shooters.


Stag 15L 3Gun Elite
Product ID : ST-15L-3GUN-E
Stag 15L LEO Rifle
Product ID : ST-15L-LEO
Stag 15L M4
Product ID : ST-15L-M4
Stag 15L O.R.C.
Product ID : ST-15L-ORC
Stag 15L Retro
Product ID : ST-15L-RET
Stag 15L SL SBR
Product ID : ST-15L-SL-SBR
Stag 15L Tactical
Product ID : ST-15L-TAC
Stag 15L Varminter
Product ID : ST-15L-Var
Stag 15L VRST S3
Product ID : ST-15L-VRST-S3